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Coming together is a beginning
Keeping together is progress
Working together is success
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Bal Bharti School, Bahadurgarh, an esteemed institute believes in education as the best means of preparing consciousness for high development by a sublime process of refinement of the senses and by transforming instincts desires and passions to positive energy at an elevated level. We are engaged in imparting not just conventional education but also the values, ethics of expectation of contemporary India. Located on the Delhi – Rohtak National Highway, in close proximity of Delhi. We have faith in nurturing expression and creativity to add collective wisdom, value based education to make enlightened citizens.

"Be the light" is the logo and motto of the school, has essence of the core philosophy of BBS to create in school a congenial environment for the child to bloom, soaring on the wings of innocence, filled with the boundless joy and armed with magic wand of wonder and imagination. We help them to believe in life, in values and in truth without tampering with the child and his individuality.

Our esteemed institute is concentrating on the holistic development of the students and excellence attained by the school in imparting quality education has rightly earned laurels. Nurturing their hidden talents and improving learning environments and refining the social fabric are the vision of the school.

The phenomenal success of the institute is the attribution of wide - spread achievements to soar the heights to enhance the glory and fame of the school.

“Success comes to those who dare and act”.

Year Class X CLASS XII Sc. CLASS XII Comm.
2014 29 students got CGPA 10 SHASHWAT SRIVASTAVA, secured 95.5%, KRITIKA ARORA secured 96.6% (District Topper)
2013 20 students got CGPA 10 ANNU, secured 97.2%, (District Topper) AYUSHI JAIN & ARUN AGGARWAL secured 94.4%
2012 23 students got CGPA 10 Bhujali, secured 97%, (District Topper) Sanchita secured 95%
2011 22 students got CGPA 10 KunikaGoel, Roll No. 2603794 Secured 95.6% Harsh Gupta, Roll No. 2603847 Secured 95.6%
2010 09 students got CGPA 10 Rakhi& Vishal Mittal Roll No. 2603450, 2603475 Secured 92.4% each Anjali, Roll No. 2603488 Secured 93.2%
2009 AasthaNarulaRoll No. 2104253 Secured 96.4 % ArpitChauhan Roll No. 2603526, Secured 91% ArpitChauhan Roll No. 2603526, Secured 91%
2008 Abhishek Sangwan, Roll no. 2104055 secured 96.6% Rashmi Sharma,
Roll no. 2603245 Secured 91.8%
Rajeev Jajoo,
Roll no. 2603283 Secured 88.4 %
2007 Ankur Kaushik,
Roll no. 2103250 Secured 96%
Sundeep Kumar,
Roll no. 2602677 Secured 89.8%
Shallu Jain,
Roll no. 2602688 Secured 95.2%
2006 Chetna Chugh,
Roll no. 2113857 Secured 95.4%
Nimisha Bajaj,
Roll no. 2199803 Secured 86.6%
Shally Tayal & Nitin Ashiwal,
Roll nos. 2184229, 2183430
Secured 90% each

We have a dream that will echo around the entire world
We have a voice that will open a billion eyes
We will get an applause that will break barriers
For we at BAL BHARTI are setting the blueprint for the future.